01 What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or chamber. It Originally came from the diving industry, now it's widely used to assist a lot of conditions from traumatic brain injury to stroke to diabetes ulcers to sports recovery.

02 How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work?

When a people enters a hyperbaric chamber, he or she breathes oxygen at a higher than normal pressure. Allowing the blood plasma to dissolve multiple times more oxygen. This means, the hyper-oxygenated blood plasma can reach areas of the body where circulation is restricted and oxygen levels are insufficient, thus repair the body rapidly.

03 Why do I need a hyperbaric chamber for home use?

There are many multi-place chamber in hospitals and there are some mono-place chambers in medical clinics, while these type of flexible portable hyperbaric chambers are designed for home use. These home chambers can help people manage their health problems, such as long covid, chronic wounds and ulcers or sports injuries at home.

04 Who are using these hyperbaric chambers at home?

There are many professional athletes and celebrities using hyperbaric chambers at home, including Justin Bieber, Lebron James. And there are many parents using the hyperbaric chamber for their autistic children. There are many spas, medical centers offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy to their patients and clients. And they charge on a per session basis. Each session is usually 50-100usd.

05 What do I feel inside a hyperbaric chamber?

When the chamber is pressurizing, your ears may feel pressure changes. You might feel a little painful in ears. To equalize the pressure and avoid the feeling of fullness in ears, you can yawning, swallowing or “pinch your nose and blow”. Other than this ear pressure there are no different sensations.

06 How long each session?

Usually for one hour each time, three to five times a week. No more than 2 hours each time.

07 What is ATA? Is it the pressure inside the chamber?

ATA means Atmosphere Absolute. 1.3 ATA means 1.3 times of normal air pressure.

08 Is your company a manufacturer?

We are manufactuer, Shanghai Baobang Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.Our brand is MACY-PAN. We've been manufacturing this chamber for 16 years, sold to over 123 counties.

09 What's the warranty of your hyperbaric chamber?

We offer 1 year warranty and lifetime service.

If any quality problem/fault in material/design under correct operation within 1 year,

If it's easy to fix, we will send new components Freely and guide you on how to repair them.

if hard or complicated to fix, we will send a new chamber or machine to you directly and Freely, In this way, we won't need you to send back the machines, just video and pictures will be ok for our analysis.

10 What does your hyperbaric chamber includes?

Our hyperbaric chamber includes 4 items.

Chamber, air compressor, oxygen concentrator, air dehumidifier.

And there are some accessories like mattress and metal frame are also included in the package.

11 How many packages all together?

Our lying type chamber has 4 carton boxes, Gross Weight about 95kg.

Sitting type chamber has 5 carton boxes (with an extra green folding chair), about 105kg.

12 What’s the lead time?

Usually within 5 working days, depending on your order quantity.

13 How long can I receive it once I place an order?

Usually it takes 2 weeks from order to receive. We usually send by DHL Express, door-to-door delivery.

14 Can I change color? Must be Blue or we can also change?

We can change the color of the cover. We would be happy to show you pictures of all the colors available.

15 How do do the maintenance?

Just replace air filters every 12 months. We will send you spares.

16 Do we need to buy extra oxygen bottle/tank?

No need to buy extra oxygen bottle, the machine will produce oxygen by itself from the ambient air, electricity is all you need.