Good News Macy-Pan new product HE5000 Multi Person hyperbaric chamber won the “East China Fair Innovation Award”

The 32nd East China Fair for Import and Export Commodities opened in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 1st March.


This year's East China Fair was held from March 1 to 4, with an exhibition scale of 126,500 square metres, using 11 pavilions in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, with a total of 5,720 booths, an increase of nearly 500 booths over the previous session, and 3,422 exhibitors, of which 326 are overseas exhibitors from 13 countries and regions, and is expected to attract more than 40,000 buyers at home and abroad to come to negotiate and cooperate and seize the new opportunities in the market. Create new advantages in trade.

MACY-PAN Wins Innovation Award at East China Fair

MACY-PAN hyperbaric chamber

In the opening ceremony, the exhibition organisers held the East China Fair "Product Innovation Award" award ceremony, respectively, from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Nanjing, Ningbo, as well as Hangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, offshore, and other provinces and cities of the 47 outstanding foreign trade enterprises awarded. After the final evaluation by the event jury, Shanghai Baobang's HE5000 multiplace hyperbaric chamber stood out and won the award.

HE5000 - A truly versatile use of a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

HE5000 hyperbaric chamber

Manufactured by Macy-Pan, HE5000 is a truly multi-functional multi-place hyperbaric chamber. It can make multiple layout choices according to the user's usage scenario and the usage crowd. It has two seats plus a small third seat, so it’s not only a 2 Person hyperbaric oxygen Chamber, but a 3 Person hyperbaric oxygen Chamber. Pressure is available at 1.5ATA and 2.0ATA.

This multiplace chamber Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment effectively solves the problem of lack of oxygen in the human body, and has an auxiliary effect on relieving stress, improving cell vitality, anti-aging, and daily health care.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers not only improve people's quality of life, but also play a huge energy in modern health. Technological innovation is the lifeblood of high-quality development of enterprises, starting from the production of hair curlers, beauty massagers and other electronic products, to today's successful transformation and development into the top domestic development of home hyperbaric oxygen chamber market quality private enterprises, Shanghai Baobang rely on innovation and improvement.

Favoured by many businessmen around the world

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
HE5000 Hyperbaric oxygen chambers
Hyperbaric chambers
MACY-Pan Hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Maximising the benefits of innovative design


During the exhibition, the director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, and other leaders visited Macy Pan's booth to see our hyperbaric chambers and are  warmly received by our staffs, and introduced to him and his entourage the development status of Shanghai Baobang Medical, the foreign trade order situation, the development situation of the HBOT industry, as well as the effect of the Macy Pan’s exhibit in this Fair, and so on.


During the conversation, the director expressed full affirmation to the achievements made by our company Macy Pan in foreign trade industry. He emphasised that the East China Fair is an important window to show China's foreign trade transformation and upgrading, innovation and brand development, and also an important platform to show the new momentum of foreign trade development.


Under the care and guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai Baobang has been increasing its efforts to cultivate its own brand MACY-PAN in recent years, and through independent research and development of new technologies, it has developed many new models of hyperbaric chambers and new styles, which will be constantly and vigorously promoted in both domestic and international markets, so as to maximise the benefits of innovative design.

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