“MACY PAN Hyperbaric Chamber Smart Manufacturing” demonstrates its solid strength, the successful conclusion of the 135th Canton Fair.

The 135th Canton Fair Phase 3, lasting five days, came to a successful conclusion on May 5th. During the exhibition, the MACY-PAN booth attracted a large number of visitors, and many attendees showed strong interest in our products. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our new and old friends who supported Macy Pan Hyperbaric Chamber!

MACY PAN in the 135th Canton Fair

During the exhibition, showcased Macy Pan Hyperbaric's  various models of hyperbaric chambers, we brought 6 samples, which are:

HP2202-85: Hard Hyperbaric Chamber 2.0 ATA, 34 inches
HP1501-100: 1.5 ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chamber, 40 inches
ST801: Hyperbaric Chamber 1.5 Ata Soft (lying type), 32 inches
ST2200: Soft Hyperbaric Chamber 1.4 ATA (sitting type), extendedsize
MC4000U: Large hyperbaric chamber Wheelchair accessible (2 persons)
L1: Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber 1.5 ATA (1 person)

Our sales team comprehensively introduced our product advantages, service quality, and corporate strength to the attendees. With a professional attitude, we received buyers from all over the world and reached cooperation intentions with numerous foreign customers.

hyperbaric chamber
135th Canton Fair hyperbaric chamber
135th Canton Fair hyperbaric chambers
Canton Fair 2024 hyperbaric chamber

With the successful conclusion of this Canton Fair, we sincerely thank every foreign visitors and partners for their trust and support. Looking ahead, MACY PAN will continue to devote itself to providing global customers with even higher quality Macy-Pan Hyperbaric Chamber products and services to meet diverse consumer needs.

Macy-Pan Hyperbaric Chamber
Macy-Pan Hyperbaric Chambers
Macy Pan Hyperbaric Chamber

Post time: May-08-2024