Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber ST1700


Portable, easy to carry, install and operate.
Inside the chamber, you can listen to music,
read a book, use cell phones or laptops







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Soft sitting type chamber10
Soft sitting type chamber15
Soft sitting type chamber9

Pressure gaugue

Internal and external bi-directional pressure gauges make it easy for the customer to observe the oxygen chamber pressure at any times.

View windows

In the two side of chamber have two view windows, customers can through this windows communication with outside people.

Soft sitting type chamber8
Soft sitting type chamber7

Folding chair

The ST1700 is equipped with an adjustable folding chair. The customer can adjust the angle of the folding chair to achieve the most comfortable experience.

Air deflate valves

Five-stage adjustable pressure relief valve Slow pressure rise Reduces discomfort in ear pressure balance adjustment

Soft sitting type chamber6
Soft sitting type chamber5
Soft sitting type chamber4
170*70*110cm (67*28*43inches)
220*70*110cm (89*28*43inches)
only can sitting
can sitting and lie down
with folding chair
with folding chair
3 zipper seal
3 zipper seal
2 large transparent viewing windows
4 large transparent viewing windows
Accommodate 1 person
Accommodate 2 person
Soft sitting type chamber14
Oxygen concentrator BO5L-10L

Size: 35*40*65cm/14*15*26inch Weight: 25kg Oxygen Flow:1~10 liter/min Oxygen Purity: ≥93% Noise dB(A): ≤48dB Feature: PSA molecular sieve high technology Non-toxic/non-chemical/eco-friendly Continuous oxygen production, no need oxygen tank

Filtration system

Size: 39*24*26cm/15*9*10inch Weight: 18kg Flow:72liter/min Feature: Oil free type Non-toxic/eco-friendly Quiet 55dB Super adsorption activated filters Double inlet and oulet filters

Air dehumidifier

Size: 18*12*35cm/7*5*15inch Weight: 5kg Power: 200W Feature: Semiconductor refrigeration technology, harmless Separate moisture and reduce the humidity of air Reduce temperature to make people feel cool to use the chamber on hot days.


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